Technical Support

Zebra Documents:

Zebra Line Mode Fix Document

Zebra LP2844 hood sensor Printer Fix

Zebra Remove old label printer drivers

Zebra Configuration & Dump Mode

Zebra Autosense Procedure

Zebra Batch Print Fix

Zebra Firmware Instructions


Visitor Watch Documents:

How to Edit an Appointment Doc

Create User Section Of Admin Guide

Gate Designator Section Of Admin Guide

How To Ban A Visitor

How To Change/Add A Gate Designator

How To Change Barcode Reader Exit Location

How To Import Appointments

How To Print Badges In Advance

How To Save Reports

How To View Notes By Changing The Grid Layout

How To Remove A Gate Designator

Preinstallation Doc

How To Disable The Corex Business Card Scanner

How To Troubleshoot The Barcode Reader

How to Delete an Appointment

How to Delete a Visitor Record

Replace Visitor Watch License File


ID Watch Watch Documents:

ID Watch Custom Screens

Two Sided Card Design


ASP/Oracle/Server Documents:

How To Use The PreReg Web Page - ASP 334v4

Troubleshooting guide for 80004005 errors in ASP

Oracle Components not found fix

SQL Configuration & Growth Doc

ASP Error 80004005 Solution

ASP to Oracle fix


Evolis Documents:

Dualys User Guide

Dualys 3 User Guide

Dualys 4 User Guide

Pebble User Guide

New Pebble User Guide

Pebble 3 User Guide

Pebble 4 User Guide


Other Documents:

Point to a New Database Server

ScanShell 800 Calibration Sheet

ScanShell 800r & 800dx Calibration Sheet

All-Star Configuration File

Registration Spreadsheet



Microsoft MSDE 2000A

Microsoft SQL Server Express 2005

Adobe Acrobat Reader (Link to website )

SQL Server Management Studio Express

sdk_setup (Driver's License & Business Card Scanning)

WinRAR (Compression Utility - Link to website)

Infragisitics 6.3 (self extracting)

Replacement BCR LF File

Replacement VW LF File



Topaz Driver

Zebra Ver. 55725

Evolis New Pebble Driver V7

Evolis New Pebble Firmware 0453

Canon VCC50i

Canon VCC4

Logitech Orbit MP Driver v9.5

ScanShell 800 Driver

Firmware - Zebra 2844

Firmware - Zebra 3842